Just over a week ago, in the closing days of the last legislative session, legislative leaders tried to sneak through a bill that would have created a permanent Path to “Progress” (Poverty!) commission. While the bill ultimately passed the Senate and Assembly, our loud advocacy created a lot of pressure and dissention in the Statehouse ahead of that vote.

Red for Ed is working, Gov. Murphy has VETOED the bill! By not signing it within seven days of the end of the legislative session, his pocket veto means that bill did NOT become law in New Jersey. There is no permanent Path to “Progress” (Poverty!) commission!  Please take a moment right now to thank Gov. Murphy for doing the right thing.

If the Legislature still wants to create the commission, it has to start the process over again from the beginning. If they do that, we will be ready to bring even more pressure to kill those bills again.

Advocacy matters. This veto proves that our voice makes a difference even when legislators try to ignore us. Keep up the Red for Ed!