After careful consideration, the educators of Wayne have come out in support of Cynthia P. Simon, Matthew Giordano (incumbent), and Stacey Scher (incumbent) – numbers 6, 7, and 8 for Wayne Board of Education.
The Wayne Education Association (WEA) invited each of the eight candidates to sit down and discuss their platform. The WEA asked each candidate to clarify their positions on important issues concerning education and Wayne in general. Out of all of the candidates, they proved with their votes and their positions that these three were most aligned with our philosophy as educators.
Simon, Giordano and Scher demonstrated their desire to work with parents and students and to build a relationship with the educators in this community. In fact, each candidate stressed the need for more communication, and all believed that listening to everyone in our educational community was a necessary part of the job. As Simon stated during her interview, all stakeholders deserve to be listened to. That was a message the teachers of Wayne could get behind.
Simon may be a new name to many people, but she is not new to the job required of a board member. Before she became a parent, she led our board as president. During her tenure, she proved herself to be an advocate for all children. Now she wants to return with new insights, and the WEA believes she is going to bring both experience and a fresh perspective. In addition, Giordano and Scher have proven themselves to the Wayne community over the past few years.
Furthermore, each candidate acknowledges the changes coming to our district. They understand the steps needed to transition our schools during the upcoming years.
Educators want the best for the children, and we know these candidates all believe in helping every student have a successful and safe educational experience. Simon, Giordano and Scher (Ballot 6, 7, 8) are truly educational candidates.
Therefore, the educators of Wayne will support Simon, Giordano and Scher, because they truly support the children and the district. Vote 6, 7, 8 this November!